Week One: Laundry Couch and Shelf Chaos


I’m joining a few other bloggers in a weekly cleaning/decluttering/repurposing/reorganizing challenge! (I’m on week one, they’re on week three…maybe I’ll count this as two weeks to try to catch up…) This week’s progress is being hosted by JaneysRoom. RepurposedKate posted the original idea, and she usually hosts the weekly posts as well.

I’m going to post a picture of an area in my house that needs work on Wednesday. I’ll work on the area in question for the next 4 days (or at least parts of the next 4 days), and on Monday I’ll post the results (whether they show victory or defeat…lol).

Today’s project goes right along with this morning’s post about The Great Laundry Wars. I’m going to clean off the laundry  couch FOR GOOD! No longer will it be a home for freshly laundered clothing. It will actually be used for its intended purpose of being a COUCH!

The Laundry Couch

The Laundry Couch

Since I’m already going to be in the area, I’m going to hit those shelving units behind the couch as well. Do you see the Christmas decorations? They’re hiding behind the unused chore charts for the kids. Yeah…that needs work.

Shelf Chaos

Shelf Chaos

So…here goes nothing! Check back Monday to see how it went!

If you want to see the other bloggers that are participating (the ones that actually started it, in fact), click below:

Repurposed KateWorkbench, Craft Station
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(Linked posts are for the Wednesday posts. You can see the “after” posts on their sites as well.)


7 thoughts on “Week One: Laundry Couch and Shelf Chaos

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