Domestic Duties Day

As a working mom, I rarely have the time or energy to go beyond the most basic of household tasks during the week. Despite the best of intentions, I most often find myself just too spent to push through another load of clothes or sink of dishes. Because of this reality, at least one day of my weekend is usually transformed into a “Domestic Duties Day.”

The washer and dryer run most of the day, the dish washer runs at least twice, and I do as much as I can to get the house back to a livable state. There have been times that I have resented the fact that one of MY two days off had to be sacrificed to housework. Since I started this journey of purging the clutter from our home, cleaning more regularly but in smaller bits, and finding joy in my role of wife and mother, I have seen this resentment begin to melt away.

I was out of town all day yesterday at Alumnae State Day for my sorority, so today will be my Domestic Duties Day. This will also be the only day this week that Michael is off from work, so I’m going to try to get my projects finished as quickly as possible this morning to allow for some family time this evening.

I want to bless my family with a clean, peaceful home. I love the feeling that it gives me to know that I have been a good steward of my time and energy. With that thought in mind, I’ll be going now. The laundry couch isn’t going to clear off itself! I can’t wait to post my progress tomorrow!


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