Projects Complete–Laundry Couch and Shelf Chaos

Done! After a whirlwind of a weekend, I am absolutely amazed that I was able to get these projects finished. I was out of town from 6am to 6pm on Saturday, so the day that I was planning to spend on cleaning was a total wash–pun intended.

Project 1–The Laundry Couch

I enlisted Zander to help me conquer the Laundry Couch. He was SUCH a big help! The couch had worsened since I posted my original “challenge” pic, so here’s what we were facing:


Laundry Couch Before

I turned on a great “oldies” channel on the radio, then Zander and I rocked out while sorting ALL of the clothes into those 4 empty baskets (plus towels/sheets/etc onto the other couch). Once we had the couch completely cleaned off, we each worked on folding and putting away a basket. Zander folded and put away ALL of his clothes while I folded and put away Wyatt’s. After he had helped so much without whining or arguing AT ALL, I told him that he had just earned a dollar for doing extra chores. He was SO excited!

Here’s Zander working:

Zander Helping

Zander helping out

I folded and put away the towels and sheets in odd moments throughout the day. With that done, all that I had left was my basket and Michael’s. I broke the news to the husband that he was going to have to hang and fold his own clothes. He said he would just put them in the bedroom and do it later. I told him I would be writing this blog post from jail if he did. He laughed, then proceeded to fold his own darn clothes. I folded mine at the same time, and we were done! Yesssssssss!!

Here’s the couch being used for its intended purpose:

Couch As Couch

Couch As Couch

Project 2–Shelf Chaos

The main problem with Shelf Chaos was an overpopulation of books (which I had already started working on before I snapped the “before” pic), and a general state of clutter. Once I purged my bookshelf and removed the things that didn’t belong on either unit in the first place, I had TONS of empty space!

In my bookshelf, I left my Harry Potter collection on the top shelf, my bible study collection on the second shelf, my cookbooks next, and general books on the fourth shelf. There wasn’t anything left to put on the bottom, so I  just left it EMPTY! Of course, it was immediately filled by a curious toddler. He thought it was an awesome place to go “night night” for a while!

The white unit got a drastic clean-out too. All that remains is the nativity scene that we like to keep year-round, the phone, a notebook, and some pens and pencils in a Mother’s Day gift from Zander. I put two baskets on the bottom shelves for kids books and toys.

Shelf Chaos After

Shelf Chaos After

Shelf Chaos After

Shelf Chaos After

I can’t wait to see how my fellow bloggers did this week with their projects! Go see it with me at JaneysRoom, MinimalismJourney, and RepurposedKate.


6 thoughts on “Projects Complete–Laundry Couch and Shelf Chaos

    • Thanks! It feels great, and it makes me want to keep it that way.

      Experiencing God has been my favorite study. It’s one that I “attended” as a teen, before my wandering years, and then I really studied it a few years ago as an adult. It is one that I think I should go through every couple of years just to keep myself focused.

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