Wednesday Project–Messy Media Madness


Media Mess 1

Sometimes it’s the little things that create the most chaos. This week’s project may not seem like a huge deal, but controlling our media madness is definitely going to be time well spent. The problem is that there are DVDs, games, and VHS tapes scattered all over our house. They are being trampled, scratched, and just ruined. Zander has a VHS/DVD player in his bedroom, and the disks rarely get treated with the love and respect they need in order to survive. We have a Wii, and the games are always hard to find amid the collection of random disks that gather on the top of the media center. It’s just a mess. We also have movies that we NEVER watch and most likely will never watch again.

Media Mess 2

Media Mess 2

The X-Box in the drawer there hasn’t been plugged up since we got the Wii about three Christmases ago. We got it free from a friend, and it’s time to pass it on. I’m not sure what half of those cords go to, but since they’re not plugged up and we’re not missing anything important, I can assume that they’re not needed. The movies down here are pretty much just used for drag-it-out toys by the baby.

Media Mess 3

Zander’s Media Mess

As you can see, my son is following our example of organization. His media center is in as much chaos as ours.

The challenge is set! I’m going to clean out and organize the media centers in my house this week and post the results Monday! You can see last week’s challenge here and here.


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Project–Messy Media Madness

  1. Great challenge for this week! I’m vowing to list (and hopefully sell) some things on craigslist this week. They are cluttering my house and my head, and I’m ready to see them go!!! Good luck!

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