Media Minimized


The newly minimized living room media center

This project took almost no time! I grabbed the CD cases at WalMart and went to work. I let the size of the cases (28 slots each) be the limiting factor in how many movies and games I kept. Anything that didn’t fit didn’t stay. 🙂

But, I wimped out on throwing out the Harry Potter DVD cases for some reason…maybe I just need a little more time to adjust to the idea of it.  Baby steps…

Zans Media

Zander’s minimized media center

I wish I could have succeeded in getting rid of more of the VHS tapes, but Zander was there…


Here is what was discarded

There were two big piles of movies and games to donate, and three big piles of cases to trash. I didn’t snap a picture of it, but the bottom drawer is completely empty now too. All of the games and movies were dealt with one way or the other. No more discs falling behind the TV or DVD player! Woohoo!

You can see the first part of this challenge here. You can see last week’s challenge here and here.


4 thoughts on “Media Minimized

  1. That looks really nice! My boys have a hard time giving up their games and movies as well. It looks like you really cleared out quite a bit.

    • Thanks! I got rid of ALL XBox games because it hasn’t been plugged in since we bought the Wii (and the game system itself is headed out with the donation pile for that matter). I also got rid of a lot of movies that we used to watch in “another life” as we say. Having less clutter in there means that we can actually see what we do have and USE it!! It’s great!

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