Wednesday Project–Glassware Galore

So…I have been home for two days now with my little man. We determined yesterday morning that he has contracted Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. If you don’t know what that is, be thankful.

I have an almost two year-old with a mouth FULL of BLISTERS. His hands are also covered, and his feet have a sprinkling thrown in for good measure. He is miserable. I am miserable. My efforts toward nightweaning have been thrown out the window.

For the record, we were on night FIVE of nightweaning. That is FOUR nights that I successfully held out and sacrificed sleep for the sake of the dream of a night spent in my own bed after almost two years on the couch/extra bed.

The fifth night was the night that his mouth, apparently, broke out in painful blisters. He wailed, he cried, I crumbled. He still didn’t sleep. He didn’t sleep last night either.

I. AM. A. MOMBIE. (It’s like a zombie, but more maternal…and seeks coffee instead of brains, but with the same passion.)

All of that to say…the project for this week is not going to be impressive, nor is it going to have “before” pictures. I will, however, post a picture of all the stuff I pile up to donate before it goes out the door.

My project was started inadvertently this morning while I was operating on a week’s worth of missed sleep and only one cup of coffee. I was talking to my mom and began gathering up “stuff” that I have been meaning to purge. Coffee cups, old glasses, extra bowls, two extra steam baskets for the one pot that fits them, you get the picture…

I ma going to continue to clear out pitchers, vases, and the myriad glassware that lives in my house for the purpose of collecting dust. I have several pieces that I love and will keep. The cool thing is that I will now be able to find a spot for them to be seen! At least, that’s the plan. Check back with me on Monday to see how it goes!


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Project–Glassware Galore

  1. I feel for you. So sorry to hear about the HFM. We fortunately didn’t ever have to deal with that particular form of torture. I hope everyone gets to feeling better very, very soon. Cut yourself some slack on the no before photos. Just be happy with the items you choose to purge and then go take a nap.

    • I have napped more this week than in the last 6 months combined! Wyatt would wake up the instant that I tried to lay him down EVERY time. I had no choice but sleep with him, and I think it’s because God knew that I would have crashed and burned if I had tried to do anything else. 🙂

      He’s feeling much better now, so things will slowly be returning to “normal” soon. I still need to snap a picture of the things that I have purged, but that’ll take two seconds. The donation truck just happens to be coming by on Tuesday this week, so I don’t even have to take them to the drop off site!

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