Budget Crisis, Change, and a Challenge

I haven’t posted in a while for a number of very good reasons. I have been consumed with the transition to being a stay-at-home mom, I have been trying to get a routine in place that actually ALLOWS me to use the computer, and I have been being ruled by a demanding toddler. Those are just the daily frustrations and challenges. I have also been dealing with personal issues including my mother-in-law’s mini stroke and my grandmother’s hospitalization for a blood clot in her jugular vein (both are recovering well, but the immediate stress was excruciating).

To add to the fun and excitement of the aforementioned issues, my husband came home from his job (the one that was so stable that I was able to quite mine just a few weeks ago…) to announce that they were being cut back to a MAXIMUM of 40 hours per week for the forseeable future, and probably at least through the end of the year. His normal shift is a minimum of 48 hours, but he often works upwards of 55 hours per week.

After doing the calculations, and redoing the calculations, I realized that we would have about $400/month for gas and groceries after paying our current bills. We don’t have a ton of “extras” that can be cut, but if we go on “vacation” with DirecTV, cut off the house phone line, and cut off the pest control service, we should have an additional $155/month to cover any needed medical copays and unavoidable incidentals that come up.

Michael’s truck is a diesel, which is even higher than the sky-high prices of regular gas, so our fuel costs are pretty high right now. I really need to be able to hold on to almost all of our “extra” money for gas, so the problem of feeding our family was beginning to look daunting.

I have never tried the cash payment system with our budget because, quite honestly, I lack the discipline. I liked the idea in theory, but when it came time to actually withdraw the money from the bank to put into an envelope, I balked every time. This time, the setup was reversed.

Michael sold his old toolbox (mechanic box for work) to someone that works with him, and he brought home cash. I decided not to deposit it. Instead, I am issuing myself a challenge.


  • For the next two months (through November 30), I will ONLY use cash for groceries AND household supplies (toilet paper, cleaners, etc.).
  • I will limit my spending to the cash currently set aside for that purpose ($420).
  • I will take advantage of the foods I have stocked in my pantry and freezer, but I will NOT deplete them to the point that I have to restock at full price. When I see a good price on meat and staples, I will still stock up with an eye toward the uncertain end of this “lean” time.
  • I will blog about and track my grocery spending to increase accountability (and the likelyhood of sticking to my budget!).
  • I will post my weekly menu plans to show how all of this works out to feed a family of five on roughly $200/month.

Soooo…here we go! I hope you will follow my journey, encourage me with comments, and hold me accountable for my progress. Unlike a lot of challenges that I have seen, this one is for keeps. If I succeed, we survive. If I fail, we flounder. Of course, it’s no fun if there’s no incentive…right?? 🙂


4 thoughts on “Budget Crisis, Change, and a Challenge

  1. I’m praying for y’all. With everything I’ve been through I have learned that if I am
    Doing my best to live a godly life well that’s the time that I get hurt with the hardest trials. God may just be seeing how you handle this to be an example to others. I believe Satan also attacks my family the most when I am trying my hardest to so right. See yall soon. Good luck

  2. Keep the faith. It all works out in the end. I have been there many times. I have gone to the cash system. We did that a few years ago when Greg lost his job. I have found it to work very well. Sometimes I think we have more and done more now than when we both had steady incomes. The biggest worry I have now is there isnt any emergency cash. We pay the bills monthly and can feed the family but unexpected issues are hard. For instance, our engine went out and it took 4 months to have the money for the repairs. That is the hard part. I know you will be fine. Just by recognizing the issues are half the battle. As for Karen, why didnt anyone tell me? I hope she is doing better. Please tell her I asked and wish her well.

  3. Those are a lot of tough adjustments all at the same time. We don’t do the cash envelope system completely because I also lack the discipline but one thing that I do is simply go to the atm on my grocery store day and remove ONLY the amount I have budgeted for groceries and then pay cash. Good luck on your challenge!

  4. Ok, way too long of a break in writing lady! Get back at it! Not only are you a great writer, you have tons to share. AND, it nourishes your soul!

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