“Moving into” our home…after 7 years

Sooo…I bought a fantastic bundle of homemaking e-books a few weeks ago in a frantic effort to whip myself into shape. 🙂 It is such a rich collection of treasures that I’ll be digging through those books for the next two years. There were a few books (or studies), however, that really spoke to my heart. I picked two and dived in.

And broke down barriers that I couldn’t believe that I couldn’t see.

31 Days to Clean: Having a Martha House the Mary Way

Vibrant Living Strategies Workshop from Well Grounded Life

Amazing. Plain and simple.

To condense several days of major personal journaling and revelation into a manageable blog post, I’ll just give you the pertinent highlights.

We have lived in our house for nearly 7 years, and I haven’t even changed the living room curtains. No, really. In fact, the only major change we have made was painting the living room a few years ago because the grey/green was depressing…and I could no longer live with the horrible WHITE sponge painting on the brick fireplace.

I realized that we have been living in survival mode from the moment that we married. Sometimes (often) that survival mode was for financial reasons, sometimes it was parenting, and sometimes it was a million other things. Because of that mindset, we never really made any steps toward making our house our own. We have lived like renters for our 7 years of home ownership.

I also realized that I have spent much of my adult life on auto-pilot.

Which brings me to my resolutions (the fun part)…

From my Vibrant Living Strategies  journal:

I want to live intentionally! I want to have drive and a purpose. I want to be proud of my home when I invite people in…or better yet, when my husband comes in the door each day. I want to be proud of myself as a wife, a mother, or even a person for the first time in a very long time.

I am praying that this course and the other changes I’m going to work on making will give me the encouragement I need to make real and meaningful changes in me, my attitude, and my heart…not just my circumstances.

Day 1 of 31 Days to Clean led me to create this home care mission statement (because you need to know WHY you’re cleaning before you can be successful changing HOW you clean):

I want our home to have a sense of peace. I want our home to reflect intentional living–not haphazard, “fall where it may” living. I want to be able to enjoy the beauty of the things in our home. I want to have a functional home–where the things we have can and do fulfill their intended purposes. I want to stop living with a renter’s or survival mode mindset! We are homeowners, and our home should look and feel loved.

So I made plans. I looked at my home with different eyes. I listed the things that bothered me most about our home, and then I began taking steps toward fixing them. I grabbed the “low hanging fruit” to make quick progress.

Luckily, I also took before and after photos along the way with future blog posts in mind. 🙂

Although there are bigger projects to share, I’m going to leave you with my first steps…because that’s where you start any journey.

My helper is checking that my picture is level.

My helper is checking that my picture is level.

I decided that the first step was to properly hang the pictures that I use to decorate my house. Since I was living with that renter’s mindset, I just had them hanging on nails that were already in the walls…whether they were really in a good place or not. Hint–they usually weren’t.

My mom painted this in college. Isn't it awesome?!?

My mom painted this in college. Isn’t it awesome?!?

They were small steps, but hanging those paintings made such a difference in my house and heart. I made progress that day, and it began the process that has helped me to make even more.

I also got to use power tools later. Stay tuned. 😉



2 thoughts on ““Moving into” our home…after 7 years

  1. I love the “functional home” quote. Where things fulfill their intended purpose. That is a great goal. I feel like I have seen you move toward that goal this past year – all the trips you have taken to goodwill! Keep rockin girlfriend!

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