Moving in (Part 2): Bathroom Before and After

Remember how I said a few days ago that I didn’t make any changes to our house when we moved in? Well that was partly because we were entirely too broke to be buying a house, and partly because we literally had to move in within hours of signing the papers.

After closing, I walked into the house that was so near perfect when we chose it…so inviting that we just had to offer on it…

And realized that they took the rose tinted glasses with them when they left! It was still nice, and I was still happy that it was ours…but there were a few glaring issues that we hadn’t seen/noticed (or weren’t THERE until after our home inspection).

BB hole in a window pane? Check.
Stains and hair on carpets from dogs living INSIDE the last month? Check.
Bathroom wall with a baseball-sized patch that wasn’t even sanded or painted (just covered with a picture)? Check.
Other issues I can’t even name now??? Check.
Money to fix it? Nope.

So I put tape over the BB hole, used a friend’s carpet cleaner to TRY to clean the carpets, and hung a cardboard-backed piece of Hobby Lobby art on the bathroom wall (on the nail that was already there) and called it a day. Or a year. Or seven.

The bathroom was the very first thing on my list of “things that need to change” in our house.

Lovely wall with patches and holes

I filled and sanded lots of holes on this wall since we didn’t want to leave the broken fixtures up eternally…please also note the patched-but-never-finished area. It looks small here, but it was about palm-sized. Lovely.

Another lovely wall

I sanded and patched around the switches here, then filled in the holes from the TP holder. Since it jabbed you in the side every time you used the toilet, I decided that it had to go.

Vanity view

I’ve always loved dark blue counter tops, haven’t you? No? hmmm…

The problems with this room (in no particular order) were:

  • Dirty walls that wouldn’t come or stay clean…no matter how many times I scrubbed them
  • Broken fixtures. The toilet paper holder and towel bar were both irreparably damaged and had been for most of our tenure
  • Walls with bumps, patches, holes, gouges, etc.
  • Unfinished…finishing? The trim and door facing wasn’t ever blended/puttied/connected/whatever they call it to the walls. Long story short, there were gaps that were just plain gross. They looked ragged and collected gunk.
  • Nails that weren’t completely sunken when putting in the door facing, and holes that weren’t filled when the nails WERE fully sunken
  • No cover on the tub overflow hole…so the baby gets to bathe with a “rusty hole of interesting possibilities” that fascinates him endlessly
  • Lovely cream/gold speckled tile in the tub/shower area that is a BIT tricky to coordinate with both a paint color and the dark blue counter tops that I flat out didn’t have the cash to replace (understatement of the year?)

Since we’re still relatively broke, I still didn’t have a ton of cash to throw at this room. I did, however, have $100-$150 that I could stretch or splurge with to my heart’s content. 🙂

Since I had several projects going at once, and since planning had been going on little by little in my mind for some time (thanks Pinterest), I had a document on my phone to track goals for each room.

These were my goals for the room:

  • Sand and fix bad spots on walls (total cost was $15 for ALL rooms…so maybe $3-5 for this one)
  • Paint walls ($30) and trim ($5-10 after dividing among all rooms)
  • Reuse towel ring and don’t replace tp holder–use basket on tank for tp.
  • Frame for old print for the wall (This was a nostalgic semi-splurge. I realized after choosing my paint color that the old cardboard-backed print that had hung there all those years was perfectly coordinated for my new colors! I decided to frame it properly and use it instead of buying new art. $25 for the frame)
  • Fix overflow cover ($9)
  • Use hooks instead of towel bar; install two lower ones for the boys to use ($15)
  • Frame Mirror ($15…but I haven’t done it yet. I have the materials, but we kind of went on vacation…soon!)
  • Storage cabinet above toilet (this is on hold until I find a great deal on one…that won’t fall apart when you look at it sideways)
  • Additional art for either side of vanity (this will be about $7 total…I’m using a pinterest idea that I’ll share when it’s finished!)
  • Total so far–around $130. With the storage cabinet, I’ll probably end up a little over the original budget, but that’s why I haven’t bought it yet. 🙂

Want to see???

I had some great help. My wonderful mother came to help cut in, hold ladders, and dispense water and wisdom. Then I got a little more help…just look…

Roll baby roll

Roll baby roll

I love this one

I love this one

Isn’t that great? Then I got a little more help…

Precious helpers

Precious helpers

Michael came in and drilled the holes for the hooks, since I was still afraid to use the drill (I’ve gotten over that!) Then…we were finished.



Another shot

The area in which I’ll eventually put a pretty white cabinet…and half of a helper.

New Bathroom

The money shot! 🙂 What a change a coat of paint and a little love can make!

I love it more than I can say. It is an accomplishment that means so much more than it would if I had just paid someone to do it. It means that I conquered negative thoughts that said I couldn’t. It means that I added beauty and value to our home.

And that was only the beginning…more to come!


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