The problem with partial renovation

The main problem with partially redoing a space is that you have to work with what’s there. Fixtures, cabinets, and lighting all often stay put in low-budget renovations.

Which leads us to today’s problem: HOW have I never noticed that my sink and light fixture are NOT CENTERED ON ONE ANOTHER?!? I haven’t noticed that detail even ONCE in 7 years??

So I took a deep breath, decided to center the mirror on the largest and most noticeable thing–the vanity–and try to ignore the offset nature of the lighting for as long as possible.


We will just pretend that THIS isn’t there.


The picture isn’t off center or at an angle…the lights are actually only over the right third of the mirror. Really.

In celebration of this amazingness, I’m linking to Clan Donaldson’s Theme Thursday…appropriately enough labeled “Askew” this week. Yeah…askew.

On a positive note, I successfully anchored and hung that HUGE mirror by myself (and by that I mean my stay-at-home-mom self which perpetually includes my two sidekicks…) with no physical or structural damage! I’ll post the rest of this room’s renovation soon. It was a pretty amazing change…



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