You don’t look it

Today is my 30th birthday. The past week has held several interactions which have all played out the same way:

“You’re 30? You don’t look it!”

It is meant as a compliment—a way of reassuring a woman that her youthful beauty is holding strong despite her increasing age. To me, however, it is a challenge.

You see, I WANT to look it. To me, 30 is a beautiful age with characteristics which I have been striving to develop for the past decade. In every interaction, I want others to see in me the…

maturity of 30

grace of 30

self-control of 30

wisdom of 30

gentleness of 30

patience of 30

kindness of 30

I look back at my 20’s to see all of the joy and challenges those years held. I see the growth that I have experienced, and I pray that others see it as well.

I don’t begrudge younger people their youth—it is something that we all have to enjoy for a season–but I am greeting this new season with open arms. I look forward to seeing all of the new experiences and growth that my 30’s will bring.