Hi and welcome! My name is Meredith. I am the mother of two wonderfully exhausting boys, wife to one hard-working and loving man, and a full-time employee at a small magazine that I love soon-to-be stay-at-home-mom. We live in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, which is a big city compared to the towns where my husband and I are each grew up. I mean, there’s a movie theater AND a mall!

I love learning new things, I love challenges, and I love being involved. I am an unfailingly cheerful person and optimist. I volunteer too much, I care too much, I trust too much, and I’m happier for it all. God has blessed me with so much, and I can’t help but smile.

The family

The family

My home is a work-in-progress. I am trying to travel from the land of the near-hoarders to the land of the clutter-free. I’m trying to “clean up” our eating habits little by little, and now that I’m not going to be bringing in a paycheck, I’m focusing on living more frugally. Through it all, I’m trying to discover my role as a wife and mother. It’s a journey that I invite you to take with me. I’m going to share recipes, observations, projects, victories, and failures along the way.

I’m not sure what this blog will become, but I am excited to find out. My plan is to just open my shutters and share the truth about my slightly scattered life as Supermom.


Wyatt in his cute doggie hat

Michael and Zander

Michael and Zander


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Meredeth, how you describe your journey is very inspiring to me. I love your choice of words and the energy that springs out as you step out on an unknown path. I am a couple of decades ahead of you in life but relate to most every word you write. I needed some inspiration tonight and glad I found your “About” page. Good luck! And thank you for sharing so truthfully!

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