Links and Inspiration

Zion Dreamer–Because sometimes what we really need is an accountability partner…who lives close enough to show up on your doorstep. 🙂

The Pioneer Woman–Just yum. She uses bacon. A lot. She feeds hungry men on a ranch, so you know that my guys will love all of her recipes.
Heavenly Homemakers–Sweet inspiration in my journey toward finding my inner homemaker. 🙂 Plus lots of great real-food recipes that are delicious!
100 Days of Real Food–Lots of great recipes and motivation toward healthy living and eating. I don’t follow all of the “rules” but I love reading about those who do!
Frugal by Choice, Cheap by Necessity –Humor, hippie stuff, recipes, and did I mention a sense of humor?
One Good Thing by Jillee–Just an all-around great site! Jillee has lots of great ideas, and she never fails to make me smile.
Fly Lady–Get your clean on! House-keeping how-to’s and so much more.
Becoming Minimalist
The Nonconsumer Advocate
The Minimalist Mom
Finding Joy

These are some of the sites that I have gotten the most out of. I love finding people who are going through the same changes that I am, or have gone through them. As such, I am sure that this list will continue to grow. If you have a suggestion for a blog, I’d love to hear it!


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